Mobile Point-of-sale

A point of sale app for small businesses

Ideal for:

  • Businesses with in-person sales

  • Businesses that only need MobilePay
  • Artisan sellers
  • Independent service providers such as photographers, hairdressers, therapists, etc.
Vipps MobilePay for Business - Simplify Your Payments

Mobile Point-of-sale

Take the cash register anywhere and handle payments on the go

Get started

  • Download the Mobile Point-of-sale app
  • Create all your products

How it works

  • Add the products your customer wants to buy to the basket
  • Let the customer pay with MobilePay
  • Send your customer their receipt digitally
  • See all transactions and product sales in the app
Vipps MobilePay for Business - Simplify Your Payments

Just download our POS onto your phone and start getting paid

No need for hardware

Instead of investing in a physical cash register, you can turn your own phone or tablet into a cash register itself. Very, very easy.

Pay when you get paid

Forget about additional fees. It doesn’t cost you anything to get started, and you only pay when you use the product – we grow when you grow. If that’s not a win-win, we don’t know what is!

Add products and prices

You can set items and prices for all your locations in the app. So if you have high staff turnover or rely on volunteers, they won’t need to memorise changing prices as they’ll have everything in the app. Easy for both you and them.

Easy to get started

It’s very, very easy to get started, as the mobile part has made sure that getting paid is only a few taps away. In other words: It’s pretty much plug and get paid!

Take your payments to go

The only item you need to take payments is your phone. This means you can easily take your cash register with you wherever you go.

Access data and reports

You can see all your transactions in the merchant portal and easily export this information to other systems via our Report API.

Download the Mobile Point-of-sale app where you download your apps

Payment with mobilepay to a tablet

In-person Payments

Mobile Point-of-Sale

Turn any phone into an easy-to-use cash register for your business


per transaction


  • A cash register on your phone
  • Track the products customers buy
  • Easily scales up or down
  • No need for extra equipment