When two become one

We are Vipps MobilePay, a fintech brand that’s here to make it truly simple to pay and get paid.
The people behind Vipps MobilePay.

One Nordic mobile wallet

We are one Nordic mobile wallet that was once two: Vipps, founded in Norway and MobilePay, which originated in Denmark. Both launched with a mission to deliver a service that made sending money as easy as sending a text.

Now our brands have come together as one Nordic mobile wallet for everyone – and one of the largest in Europe. We make it easy for our merchants and partners to dream big – even if their business is small. So, whether you want to open a food truck at a flea market, a dessert shop downtown or a branch of the country’s largest superstore, with Vipps MobilePay you can go wherever your business takes you.

Business as usual (but bigger and better)

With two companies merging, several smart minds and banks have come together on a journey to create the best and most complete mobile wallet in Europe. The merger also means pooled investments and a larger scale, that gives us the ability to develop the most attractive customer solutions, faster and more efficiently.

The new common platform

For partners

As Vipps MobilePay, we are working on providing the inclusive, empowering cross-border mobile wallet solution your users want – one for which new features and functionalities will smoothly roll out across Denmark, Norway and Finland. And one for which the best existing solutions from our two original platforms are made available to every user across all three countries.

For merchants

Our focuses are strengthened solutions within ecommerce, and mobile payments across borders. As we solve new, complicated things every day, we make experiences and digital commerce as smooth as possible – to boost conversions and the overall payment flow for both you and your customers.

A complete European mobile wallet

Our journey to create the best, most complete mobile wallet in Europe involves constant growth and innovation to the benefit of our users, partners and business customers. It also means we are in dialogue with other banks, mobile payment companies and partners that share our ambition to help as many people as possible experience how truly simple it can be to pay and be paid. 

The excitement of Vipps

In 2015, Vipps launched for everyone in Norway with a Norwegian payment card, mobile number and bank account to be able to send money like they send a text.

Within six months, the success of the platform skyrocketed, clocking up 1 million users. Next came payment services for smaller merchants, sports clubs and associations, and digital commerce solutions for bill paying, POS payments and balance checking.

Today, the brand is evolving its original mission even further, and exciting people through everyday world-class simplification as part of Vipps MobilePay. 

Image used to present the Vipps subbrand.

The joy of MobilePay

MobilePay was launched in Denmark in 2013 with a single focus: making money transfers as simple as sending a text.

The app exploded – coming to cover all payment needs and radically simplifying life for people and partners along the way. The brand exploded, too – becoming Denmark’s most loved, before going on to win 2 million Finnish hearts.

Today, MobilePay is ready to be loved by more, continuing its original mission to empower people to share life through joyful exchanges, as part of Vipps MobilePay. 

Image used to present the MobilePay subbrand.

Our numbers

As one Nordic mobile wallet for all, Vipps MobilePay is one of Europe's largest fintech companies. We are now migrating into the Vipps Technology platform, which will contain all our payment solutions, users and business customers. Since we are all about numbers, let's break our proudest ones down.

More than 11.5 million users

+400 thousand shops and online stores

+1000 million annual transactions

+2 million daily transactions

500 employees from 4 offices, operating in 3 countries

The future is

If the words ‘emerging future’ and ‘easy, efficient, everyday payments’ excite you, then you get us. And we want to get to know you.

We are establishing a new company across locations in Norway, Denmark and Finland. At its centre, we are growing a dedicated, collaborative team whose common vision is iterating into the emerging future and helping us become the leading everyday payments solution across our markets.

Are you with us? 

Image showing the Vipps MobilePay office.

Our values

Our values are important to us – they’re not just fancy words on a wall or a PowerPoint deck (but don’t worry, we also have them styled nicely on walls and PowerPoint decks). They say something about the culture we foster as a company – and our goal to be the best workplace in the Nordics.

Our values lead our actions and choices and provide a guidepost against which we can measure our own behaviour and help give others feedback. 

So how do the Vipps MobilePay values translate to our real-time work day? We use emojis to represent each value and use them on a daily basis across our Slack channels to keep our values front of mind. We also foster an understanding and supportive culture every day – for example, you’re likely to hear 'no worries' if you make a mistake and learned from it. 

News, press and contact

Image with Vipps MobilePay orange and blue building blocks.