Release the potential of Vipps MobilePay

The distinctive orange smiley and the blue swipe – Vipps and MobilePay are in the pockets of 11 million people across the Nordic. As that number rapidly grows, so do the reasons for making Vipps MobilePay an integrated part of your business! Become a partner and offer quick, easy onboarding via your platform.
Women standing in the door in a store.
Map showing Vipps MobilePay markets and offices.

Plug 'n' pay

A short time-to-market is just one in a long list of Vipps MobilePay benefits for your business customers. As a certified Vipps MobilePay Partner, you'll be fully prepared to step into action whenever they're ready to join a new era of mobile payment.
Vipps MobilePay

API – All Perfectly Integrated

Technically, it's just Application Programming Interface. Practically, our APIs guarantee very, very easy integration into your platform. Our Developer Support is there to help you all the way from initial preparation to successful launch. Together, we welcome your clients to the wide-open world of mobile payment.

Transaction Reporting

We make it nice and easy to reconcile your records. So, unless you truly love good old-fashioned bookkeeping, our  Reporting APIs is your new friend.

All your Vipps and MobilePay transactions are gathered in your existing accounting system, and you can access your data anytime. Managed in real time, you get a single source of truth to help you streamline your financial reporting and quickly find all the information associated with each payment.

Less boring, more exploring.

Grab what you need from the asset bank

Vipps and MobilePay are highly recognised brands by millions of people in Norway, Denmark and Finland who associate our logo, QR codes and buttons with quick and easy payment. By making Vipps and MobilePay clearly visible throughout every touch point, you can help your clients significantly increase conversion rates.