If the words ‘emerging future’ and ‘easy, efficient, everyday payments’ excite you, then you get us. And we want to get to know you.


Join us

We work together from offices in Oslo, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Helsinki. Obsessed with creating market-leading customer experiences within the payment solutions space, we push product development and innovation further.

If this sounds like a mission you could get behind, take a look at the roles we’re currently looking to fill. And don’t be shy – apply yourself, or forward to someone you think we really should meet.

If you don’t find any job openings here, or they’re not quite a match for you and your skills, you’re always welcome to get in touch with our recruitment people. They know what’s ahead for us – and who we might be needing soon.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

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We are Vipps MobilePay, a fintech brand that’s here to make it very, very easy to pay and get paid

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A hybrid work model for individuals, teams and families

We embrace new ways of working. 

That is why one can work both from home and from the office. Flexibility is key in our workplace guidelines and since #KeepItSimple is a Vipps MobilePay value, it is natural to us to make life more simple for our employees as well.

Covid-19 made it clear that everyone benefited from the flexibility the home-work station gave us and we want to continue that innovative trend.

We believe in maintaining a strong connection to our local sites, but also greatly value the agility and innovation we get from random encounters with colleagues and spontaneous interactions in the kitchen.

Our hybrid work model exists to make life simpler for individuals, teams and families.

Our values

Our values are important to us – they’re not just fancy words on a wall or a PowerPoint deck (but don’t worry, we also have them styled nicely on walls and PowerPoint decks). They say something about the culture we foster as a company – and our goal to be the best workplace in the Nordics.

Our values lead our actions and choices and provide a guidepost against which we can measure our own behaviour and help give others feedback. 

So how do the Vipps MobilPay values translate to our real-time work day? We use emojis to represent each value and use them on a daily basis across our Slack channels to keep our values front of mind. We also foster an understanding and supportive culture every day – for example, you’re likely to hear 'no worries' if you make a mistake and learned from it. 
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