Easily sign up and log in users online

Ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants to know their customers
  • Merchants with websites requiring login
  • Businesses with loyalty programs
  • Login for apps
  • Web shops of all sizes
Vipps MobilePay for Business - Simplify Your Payments

Increase loyalty by making it easier for users to sign up


increase in sign-ups


potential customers in the Nordics


better data quality

Vipps MobilePay for Business - Simplify Your Payments


Sell more with better customer data when you have Login

How it works for your customers:

  • Customer visits a webshop
  • Customer is asked to create a new user
  • Customer selects “Sign in with Vipps or MobilePay”
  • Customer fills in their phone number
  • Customer approves the request in their Vipps or MobilePay app
  • Customer details are available in the portal 
Vipps MobilePay for Business - Simplify Your Payments

A stress free sign-up and login experience for your customers

No passwords required

Let customers access accounts easily with their Vipps or MobilePay app. No need to remember or reset passwords. This saves a lot of time for your customers and your support team.

Know your customers

When customers register with Login, they also agree to share their details with you, allowing you to get a better understanding of who your customers actually are.

High quality data

In Vipps MobilePay we have high-quality, verified end-user data that outdoes everyone else in the field.

One person, one account

While a single user could have multiple emails, each individual can only have one Vipps MobilePay account. This is your guarantee that customers are who they say they are.

Get verified data, always

While customers don’t always fill out all the input fields in a form, the data provided by Login is always verified. This means that you always have correct data in the correct form.

Increase sign-ups

Too long? Too difficult? The process is one of the main reasons why customers drop out of a registration. Login only requires a few clicks, increasing the chance of completion.

What would Login look like to your customers? Try our demo and see for yourself!

Women standing in the door in a store.

Online Payments


Sign up and login users online with ease
Starting from:


per month, based on number of active consents


  • Get high quality data 
  • Know who your customers are
  • Increase conversion by 50%
  • Pay per data point needed

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