Sell more with an all-in-one online checkout

Ideal for:

  • Webshops of all sizes looking for a checkout solution
  • Businesses searching for a ready-made checkout 
  • Those looking to accept both card and Vipps or MobilePay payments
  • Those looking for a checkout with integrated shipping
  • Webshops looking for easy integration via partners
Vipps MobilePay for Business - Simplify Your Payments

A checkout designed to supercharge sales


increase in purchase completion


faster checkouts


better customer experience

Vipps MobilePay for Business - Simplify Your Payments


Fast-track checkout for your online customers

How it works for your customers

  •  Find an item online
  • Add it to your cart
  • Go to cart – the customer is already remembered
  • Select a shipping method (if applicable)
  • Pay using card, Vipps or MobilePay 
Vipps MobilePay for Business - Simplify Your Payments

Everything you need for the best purchasing experience

Use Vipps or MobilePay to fill out forms

Speed up the selling process by removing the need to fill out long forms. Checkout automatically pulls customer details from Vipps or MobilePay so buyers can purchase quicker!

In-built shipping selection

Have shipping needs? We’ve got you covered! Checkout has an integrated shipping feature where customers can select from multiple shipping alternatives.

Option to pay with card

Give customers the flexibility to choose how they pay. If customers prefer to pay with card checkout allows for that as well.

Option to pay with Vipps or MobilePay

But of course you can save customers the hassle of typing in their card details because with Checkout, they can also choose to pay directly through Vipps or MobilePay!

Get data and APIs

With Checkout, you can access all your transactions directly on our portal and connect to our Report API to export them.

Quick settlements

Get settlements after just 3 days, no need to wait a month before the money comes into your account!

Try our demo to see how your customers will experience Checkout

Vipps MobilePay for Business - Simplify Your Payments

Online Payments


Sell more with an all-in-one checkout solution

0 – 1,000,000 EUR


+ 0.20€

per transaction

1,000,000 – 10,000,000 EUR


+ 0.20€​

per transaction


  • An all-in-one checkout solution
  • Integrated shipping
  • Pay with Vipps or MobilePay or card 
  • Designed to give your customers the best purchasing experience