22 February 2023

Vipps MobilePay hires new Head of Public Affairs

Sofie Findling Andersen, former special adviser to the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, will become Head of Public Affairs at Vipps MobilePay.

Sofie Findling Andersen, former special adviser to the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen
The Nordics' leading company within mobile payments, Vipps MobilePay, is creating a new position as Head of Public Affairs. From Easter, Sofie Findling Andersen will take up the position. She will contribute in giving Vipps MobilePay a stronger voice politically and regulatory on a Nordic and European level.
Vipps MobilePay management
Sofie has a unique background and will with her experience be an important contributor to the exciting journey that Vipps MobilePay is embarking on. Making it very, very simple to pay and receive payment is actually quite complicated. Not least, it is fully regulated by both national and European authorities

Rune Garborg
CEO at Vipps MobilePay

"Vipps MobilePay plays a central role for consumers and companies throughout the Nordics. We want to be an active participant in the societal dialogue, including the dialogue with those who shape the rules for our work. Therefore, we are now establishing a new role as Head of Public Affairs, and Sofie is the perfect candidate for that role. We look forward to having her on the team."

Career with political advice and business policy as a focal point
Sofie Findling Andersen comes from a position as a special adviser to the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and before that to the Minister for Business, Simon Kollerup. She also has a background at Dansk Erhverv and has a degree from CBS in International Business & Politics.

"I am looking forward to becoming part of the journey that Vipps MobilePay is on. Payments are absolutely fundamental to our society. Vipps and MobilePay have become an integrated and secure part of Norwegians', Danes' and Finns' everyday lives when they pay and transfer money. It has only become more important that we take care of crucial functions in our society and at the same time ensure innovation and European competition. This also applies to payments. That is why I am very much looking forward to contributing to tackling those challenges both nationally and internationally, which Vipps MobilePay faces," says Sofie Findling Andersen, who will start the job after Easter.


About Vipps MobilePay

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