20 December 2022

Nordic payment challenger passes 1 billion transactions

Just seven weeks after Vipps MobilePay became a reality the company has passed 1 billion transactions during 2022.

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Vipps MobilePay, the new Nordic mobile payment company, has just passed 1 billion transactions during the year, paid with Vipps and MobilePay in Norway, Finland and Denmark.

“What a fantastic first milestone. Passing 1 billion transactions in 2022 means that we are now in the top of payment solutions used in the Nordic. Our mission is to make life easier. That is why so mange people in the Nordic use MobilePay and Vipps every day,” says Rune Garborg, CEO in Vipps MobilePay.

In Norway Vipps has reached around 440 million transactions while MobilePay has reached almost 590 million transactions across Denmark and Finland so far this year. Growth rates in all markets are close to 20% or higher compared to last year.

During 2023 Vipps MobilePay will establish a joint technological platform across the Nordic. The platform will be the enabler for transferring payments across Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Rune Garborg, new CEO for Vipps MobilePay
We have a goal of also getting Sweden on board. The Nordic is not complete without. I hope it could be a Christmas- or New Year present next year.

Rune Garborg
CEO in Vipps MobilePay

Further information about Vipps MobilePay

  • Vipps MobilePay became a reality 1. November as a merger of the two companies and brands
  • Both brands have recently been appointed as the strongest in Norway and Denmark by YouGov – in Finland MobilePay is the fastest climber on the list during 2022
  • Vipps MobilePay has over 11 million users, over 400,000 shops and webshops as payment points and customers, and 650 employees