1 November 2022

Vipps MobilePay is now a reality

From today, the new Nordic payment challenger Vipps MobilePay is officially in place. Now the new group can begin its journey towards making Nordic payments even more user-friendly and simple across Nordic borders.

Image showing a push notification-conversation between Vipps and MobilePay.

10 days ago, the EU's competition authorities approved the merger between Vipps and MobilePay. Now the financial relations between the new owners have been settled. Thus, the deal is now a reality.

From the start, the ambition is to create one of the most customer-oriented companies in Europe. The new organization will build three customer-focused divisions across national borders with responsibility for all product development and customer interaction:

  • 'Large Customers' aimed at large companies and public institutions
  • 'Small & Medium Customers' aimed at small and medium-sized companies, public institutions, organizations etc.
  • 'Users' aimed at private customers and their needs
Vipps MobilePay management
This organization setup will ensure rapid innovation based on deep knowledge of our customers

Rune Garborg
CEO of the new company

The company is also establishing a 'New Growth' unit, which will develop completely new business areas. A number of staff areas support the customer divisions and the company's overall capacity.

"This organization setup will ensure rapid innovation based on deep knowledge of our customers. We will support their overall needs through a holistic customer approach rather than a country-based product dialogue," states Rune Garborg, CEO of the new company, which is given the group name Vipps MobilePay.

The board and management team are in place

Ownership of the group is distributed with 72.2 percent to the banks behind Vipps and 27.8 percent to Danske Bank. The head office of the parent company, Vipps AS, is located in Oslo, and the group will in the future be subject to supervision by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authorities.

The board of Vipps MobilePay will have Kjerstin Braathen, current chairman of the board of Vipps and CEO of the largest Norwegian bank, DNB, as chairman of the board. Other members of the board are:

Christian Bornfeld, Head of Personal Customers, Danske Bank. Mark Wraa-Hansen, Head of Personal Customers Denmark, Danske Bank. Jan-Frode Janson, CEO SpareBank 1 SMN. Hege Beate Toft-Karlsen, CEO Eika Group. Benjamin Kristoffer Golding, EVP Payments and Innovation DNB. Geir Bergskaug, CEO Sparebanken Sør. Marit Andreassen (employee representative). Baard Ivar Slaattelid (employee representative).

The new leadership team in Vipps MobilePay:

The leadership team in Vipps MobilePay is also in place. In addition to Rune Garborg, it consists of the following members:

  • Claus Bunkenborg will be Head of New Growth and the Deputy CEO of the company. He is currently CEO of MobilePay
  • Vegar Heir will be Head of Large Customers. He is currently Head of Sales in Vipps
  • Merete Stigen will be Head of Small & Medium Customers. She is currently CFO in Vipps
  • Anette Bøje will be Head of Users. She is currently Chief Commercial Officer in MobilePay 
  • Morten Kjelsø will be CTO and Head of Technology & Platform, providing the technology, payments and data platforms. He is currently Chief Technology Officer and Head of Development & Innovation in MobilePay
  • Even Westerveld will be Head of Brand & Communication. He is currently Head of People & Brand in Vipps
  • Silke Øverby will be Head of Risk & Compliance. She is currently Head of Risk & Compliance in Vipps
  • Mette Godsk Jensen will be Head of People & Organisation. She is currently Chief People Officer in MobilePay
  • A new leader will be recruited to the position as Head of Finance & Legal. Until then Merete Stigen will act as Head of Finance & Legal

“With competent and committed owners as well as a strong leadership team in place, I’m looking much forward to start working with this fantastic new company,” says Rune Garborg.