Three, two, one platform

The launch of one platform is approaching, and we’re getting ready to present to you all the new opportunities, flexibility across channels and the simplicity it offers – and we can’t wait for your customers to experience those benefits.
Vipps and MobilePay apps on a phone.

One platform. Two brands.

Since the merger between Vipps and MobilePay was approved in late 2022, we have set full speed on the transition towards one platform. Our goal is to become the best and most used payment wallet in the Nordics. Loved by everyone from partners to users.
Our grand plan in early 2024 is to launch one app, branded locally as MobilePay in Denmark and Finland and Vipps in Norway, and one platform that gathers more than 11 million users and more than 400.000 merchants across the Nordics.

Better, faster, easier

Joining Vipps and MobilePay is not only about payments. Our main goal is to better meet your needs, to deliver with faster time to market, and to make digitalizing commerce very, very easy. By combining great minds from all our offices across the Nordics, we’ve freed up resources to build new scalable solutions and develop, expand, and optimize current ones.
Picture with Vipps and MobilePay logos in phones.
Vipps MobilePay people with dark layer.

We are Vipps MobilePay, a fintech brand that’s here to make it very, very easy to pay and get paid

Let’s get you started!

Get ready for when we launch the new platform by figuring out what you need to match your customers’ wants and needs.

Do you want to test our products?

Are you a merchant who wants to get started with testing our products? 

Sign up through our form, and we'll send you a test account as soon as possible. This way, you can start exploring am familiarizing yourself with our products right away. To get started with integrating, use our documentation. 


Are you a MobilePay customer? What's next?

Integrate or keep calm and carry on?

The features on the new platform are expected to be available early 2024. You can still use the current MobilePay Invoice and MobilePay Point of Sale until then.

We continue supporting MobilePay App Payments and MobilePay Subscriptions with a facade API until 2025. If you want to access all new features now, we recommend shifting to Vipps MobilePay ePayment. If you’re eager to get started, you can treat yourself to a head start by reading about the opportunities in our technical documentation.

2024 brings exciting changes

To allow for all the new opportunities we aim to bring to you with the new platform, we need to replace the current APIs for Point of Sale and Invoice with new ones by early 2024. This means you’ll need a new integration. As soon as it’s done, it will allow even more services that will add value to your business.

We cannot wait to present to you a much more flexible setup, the opportunity for features such as receipts, coupons, and loyalty benefits to a start and what we can do with QR codes solutions when putting considerable development resources.